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The ruins of the Temple of Apollo in the ancient city of Corinth, Greece

Situated between Attika and Peloponnese and with a history of over than 4000 years, Corinthos is a town which combines sea and mainland. The natural beauty of this landscape is justified by the myth about the dispute between the gods Hlios and Poseidon who fought to take hold of the town.

Corinth is a major tourist attraction due to its rich history, numerous landmarks and archeological sights. Only 9km away from the modern town we can find the town of Ancient Corinth and its monuments. Acrocorinth, a place of worship of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is situated in short distance away from the ancient town. There, the ruins of a Byzantine and a Venetian castle are evidence of the town’s great history. The archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth houses a large collection of artifacts which excavations in the area brought to light.  The Isthmus of Corinth, a 6 km canal which divides the land and connects the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf, is a must for visitors only 7km away from the town.

Corinth, an hour far from Athens, is easily accessible by public transportation, either by bus or by train. The suburban railway connects Corinth with Athens International Airport “EleftheriosVenizelos”, the Piraeus port and the center of Athens.  Moreover you can also access Corinth from Athens by car through the 94 km National road and from Patra through the 132 km Olympia Odos. There are frequent bus routes connecting the towns.

In a 7km distance from the center of Korinthos is Loutraki, a seaside town of great natural beauty and ancient history. The town is bordered by the Corinthian Gulf in the west while the mountain range of Geraneia dominates north and east. It is considered to be one of the most famous and easily reached holiday resorts. Every half an hour, there are bus routes connecting Loutraki with Corinth.

Accomodation for participants of “All That Guitar” Festival- Hotels

The network of hotels cooperating with the festival offer accommodation at the lowest possible cost for the season.  For Hotel reservation contact the following hotels:

Please make your reservation in advance due to limited room availability.

Collaborating hotels in Corinth:

1. Ephira Hotel (3 Stars)
Ethnikis Antistaseos 52, 201 00 Corinthos
Tel: (+30) 27410 22434/27410 24021/27410 24022 Fax: (+30) 27410 24514
Special rates with breakfast: Double 38 €, Triple 51 €

2. Korinthos Hotel (3 stars)
Damaskinou 28, Corinth 201 00
Tel: (+30) 2741 026701
E-mail: hoteldia@otenet.g
Special prices without breakfast (+ 3 € breakfast): Double 35 €, Triple 50 €, Quadruple 60 €

Collaborating Hotels in Loutraki:

1. Hotel Kosmopolit (3 stars)
Elias Spyrogiannaki 6, 20300 Loutraki
(+30) 27440 22336, (+30) 27440 69050
Special rates with breakfast: Double 38 €, Triple 51 €

2. Royal (3 stars)
Pl. March 25, El. Venizelou, 20300 Loutraki
Tel: (+30) 27440 22313
Special rates with breakfast: Double 30 €, Triple 45 €, Quadruple 60 €
The daily room rate per room is not included in the price: 1-2 stars 0.50 €, 3 stars 1.50 €, 4 stars 3.00

In case of hotel occupancy or any other problem please let us know.