The Classical Guitar in Jazz and Modern Music

This July, I have the pleasure of participating in “All That Guitar” Festival 2019 by presenting the course “The Classical Guitar in Jazz and Modern Music” during the workshops.

We are going to analyze together with students and colleagues- guitarists, the role and the way in which the classical guitar (nylon guitar) is integrated into the peculiarities of the wider modern and creative music, taking into account the modern guitar structures with nylon strings and the possibilities they give both in playing and the timbre!

We will discuss about and deal with many examples on the scales, the arpeggios, the technique, the fingerings and how to find the characteristics of our personal signature sound, focusing on different ways of thinking in all of the above!

Our aim is a free approach to composition and improvisation, bringing to the fore the joy and freedom of musical engagement!

George Tabakis

Giorgos Tabakis (born 1980) is an Athens based guitarist, composer and band leader. He is one of the most productive and innovative musicians of, his generation in the European jazz area. “Godin Guitars” endorsed him in 2015 with its first 7string guitar model, Multiac 7string guitar Grand Concert. Since then he has recorded 6 personal CDs for solo 7 string guitar and small ensembles. His interest in the spectrum of creative contemporary music led him to compose and perform live music for contemporary dance and theatrical plays, documentary, silent movie and action painting projects. In 2018 two new CDs released Light Vibrations (Aux Music) and Colored Minds FM Records label. The most inspiring new project is the collaboration with the German clarinetist Rebecca Tresher, composer and leader of Ensemble 11, in a new creative music exploration.


Giorgos Tabakis
Giorgos Tabakis guitar