5 years All That Guitar! (10-14 July 2019)

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5 years All That Guitar! (10-14 July 2019)

Throughout these years, and thanks to your love, “All That Guitar” festival, was born, grew up and is ready to offer even more. This year, “All That Guitar” is fully upgraded, as it will be held in the city of Corinth, under the umbrella of the “Fondation Kaloy”, laying the foundations for a promising follow-up.
This is already reflected in its rich program and distinguished guests, who are sure to offer us unforgettable moments of concert and pedagogical experiences. We are pleased to present the renewed “All That Guitar” and we invite you to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

The world of the guitar is always here. Hope you enjoy it this year, too!

Yorgos Bechlivanoglou

All That Guitar Festival
Artistic Director

Remaining pertinent to the original goals set by its founder and with great pleasure the “Fondation Kaloy” welcomes the International Festival “All That Guitar”, a real important institution.
With confidence and vision it proceeds to new plans, always aiming at the cultivation and training of the public of the regional division of Corinthia, as well as of the whole domain. We thank the Artistic Director Mr. Bechlivanoglou for the initiative and we wish this partnership to be the beginning of a wider and lasting cooperation!

Panagiotis Theodosiou

Fondation Kaloy
Artistic Director

With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Athens

Organization: Kalogeropouleio Foundation