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The participation of guitar players in ensembles is a unique and valuable experience. Due to the fact that the polyphonic instruments, like the guitar, can produce a complete acoustic result, the musicians are getting used in solo performance and practice. However, performing with other musicians is what will provoke the excitement of music playing and at the same time, reveal our needs and weaknesses as guitarists. The musicians we are performing with become a mirror, reflecting a clearer image of ourselves and our perceptions, giving us the opportunity of self-development.

During All That Guitar Festival, a guitar orchestra will be formed by all those guitarists who wish to participate. Each participant should have studied and prepared their parts. Throughout the festival, they will alltogether rehearse the parts, on daily basis, under the direction of George Nakis, a guitar player with great experience in the ensembles, founder and director of the “Rodotopi Guitar Ensemble – The Passaron (Ioannina, Greece)”. On the evening of the last day of the Festival, the parts will be performed at the festive concert. A truly important experience for everyone, regardless of level and age!

For the proper organization of the guitar orchestra, the reception and sharing of the parts will be done by the participant students or their teachers, always in communication with and consultation of the conductor of the guitar orchestra, George Nakis.

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George Nakis, was born in Ioannina. He studied classical guitar with excellence (Guitar Degree of the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, Guitar Diploma of the Municipal Conservatory of Ioannina) and Music Theory (Music Degree of the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens). Moreover, he graduated from the Department of Pre-school Education of the University of the Aegean and acquired a Master degree from the Hellenic Open University. At the same time, he attended as an active member several classical guitar seminars of famous Greek and foreign soloists.

He worked as a guitar teacher in the Municipal Conservatory of Ioannina (1996 -2007), at Public Music Schools (2002-2004), in the Municipal Conservatory of Preveza (1996- 2016) and since 2015 he has been teaching at “Ioannina School of Music”. Apart from that, since 2007 he has been working at the pre-school education field.

In 2012, he founded “Rodotopi Guitar Ensemble – The Passaron (Ioannina, Greece)”, which is an officially recognized non-profit association that consists of more than 35 students and friends of the classical guitar coming from the wider region of Ioannina.
The aim of the association is to encourage the participation of guitarists and contribute to the development of music education. George Nakis is the artistic director of the “Rodotopi Guitar Ensemble” and that is, responsible for the selection and adaptation of musical works, teaching, music direction, participation in various concerts and projects, video production, organization of four Pan Hellenic meetings of guitar sets in Ioannina, etc. The Ensemble has taken part in more than fifty concerts in several Greek cities and other countries. For further information please visit: