Folk Guitar

It is an honor to be invited to participate and contribute to holding this year’s festival “All That Guitar”. I would also like to invite you to inaugurate the first Greek Folk Guitar Workshop. During our meetings, we will deal with the rhythmical, harmonic and melodic role this instrument has played in folk music. I am looking forward to introducing you to the bohemian and charming world of this genre.

Mavronassos Dimitris

Dimitris Mavronassos was born in 1981, lives in Megara and is a self-taught musician. The first time he met music was during his teenage years and in short time performed on the folk stage. Since then he has participated in several musical formats and has been a professional musician. Apart from the folk guitar, he also plays other stringed musical instruments, such as the lute, lavta and oud. Since 2015 he practices lessons of the Ney and Ottoman music under the instruction of Nikos Paroulakis. He has also attended seminars on Turkish maam at the TETTIX Music School. He has been associated with a variety of musical genres, but in recent years he has monopolized his musical interest in rebetiko and traditional repertoire.