This flamenco guitar seminar focuses on developing technical skills so that the guitarist can cope with the guitar flamenco repertoire in relation to the various techniques of the right hand, empowerment, and recursos, as well as learning the secrets of accompaniment of flamenco dance and song.

At the same time, by applying the 5-Stage Scale and chords analysis (DROP2, 3) across the fretboard, the student can get to know the guitar in depth and apply a modern approach to flamenco, keeping traditional techniques always as a benchmark.

Each lesson lasts 3 hours and includes a study of Flamenco’s various styles (palos) concerning the marcaje, recursos, and repertoire. Finally, rhythmic exercises to familiarize the guitarist with the compas (rhythmic form), that is vital for the performance of the repertoire and the ‘right’ accompaniment of flamenco dance and song.
Prerequisites are the basic knowledge of harmony of music and contact with the classical guitar.

Panos Katrimpelis

Video of group lessons: https://youtu.be/ia_DJVg2xnQ

Panagiotis Kartimpelis was born in Piraeus. He holds a Msc in Automation and Robotics from the University of Sheffield UK with considerable industrial experience, and a degree on Classical Guitar (Ptychio). He has also enrolled on the advanced level class of the Christina Hereen Flamenco academy in Seville and in 2018 he is ranked 4th on the Flamenco Guitar Festival of Jerez/Spain. 

His involvement with music started when he was 10 years old. He holds a classical guitar and classical harmony degree with honors from the Music School of Nikea as a student of Nikos Servitis. As a student at the music school Ilion, he has attended and participated in European and Byzantine choirs and various ensembles. His involvement with flamenco began in 2007 with Christos Tzifakis. His studies continue with George Karalis during which he specializes in song and flamenco dance accompaniment, and at the same time studies jazz guitar and modern harmony with Grigoris Danis. Finally he has attended a 4 months master class with specialization in dance accompaniment and flamenco singing at the academy Fundacion Cristina Heeren which is based in Seville. Prestigious  professors such as Pedro Sierra, Eduardo Rebollar, Paco Cortes and Nino de Pura were leading this course. He has also attended seminars with Antonio Rey and Manuel De La Luz, Santiago Lara etc.
Since 2011 he has participated and composed music for several flamenco performances in Greece and abroad.Since 2013, he is accompanying flamenco dance classes TACONEO studio and has collaborated with various  flamenco schools in Athens (Playground, Quilombo, Fokas Evaggelinos, ContraTiempo etc.). Finally, he is the co-owner, along with George Lykoudis, of SPITI Art Bar, in which there have been organized many artistic activities related to flamenco such as seminars, live concerts etc. with artists from Greece and abroad.