As a professor at the “All That Guitar” 2019 festival, I would like to share with you the secrets of the Brazilian guitar (violao), its charm and lyricism. We will work on traditional pieces of Brazilian music and their rhythm (harmonic and melodic) and we will come in contact with different genres such as choro, samba, bossa nova, frevo, etc.

I would be delighted to live this experience with you!

Panagiotis Tzinas

Panagiotis Tzinas is a professor of classical guitar. He began to study guitar at the age of 10 at the National Conservatory, with Professor Thanasis Zylis and received his Diploma (“Excellent”), with Professor Vasilis Kanaras.

• Since 2009, he has been teaching mainly classical guitar at all levels, while his students have taken part and been awarded prizes in pan-Hellenic competitions. 

• From 2015 he participates as a soloist, contributor and professor at Loutraki Festival (All That Guitar). 

• Lately,, as a soloist, as well as member of the trio Bate – Coxa (Tzinas – Rucci – Darillas), he is involved in performing and interpreting Brazilian composers